Anton Shuvalov

Awesome Vim Plugins



  • packer. Plugin/package management for Neovim.
  • trash-polka. Minimalistic colortheme to reduce visual noise.
  • plenary. All the lua functions I don't want to write twice.
  • which-key. WhichKey is a lua plugin for Neovim 0.5 that displays a popup with possible key bindings of the command you started typing.
  • indent-blankline. This plugin adds indentation guides to all lines (including empty lines).
  • gitsigns. Super fast git decorations implemented purely in lua/teal.
  • lualine. A blazing fast and easy to configure Neovim statusline written in Lua.
  • nerdtree. The NERDTree is a file system explorer for the Vim editor.
  • nerdtree-git-plugin. A plugin of NERDTree showing git status flags.
  • fzf-lua. What more can be said about fzf? It is the single most impactful tool for my command line workflow, once I started using fzf I couldn’t see myself living without it.
  • nvim-fzf. An asynchronous Lua API for using fzf in Neovim (>= 0.5). Allows for full asynchronicity for UI speed and usability.
  • fugitive. Fugitive is the premier Vim plugin for Git. Or maybe it's the premier Git plugin for Vim? Either way, it's "so awesome, it should be illegal". That's why it's called Fugitive.
  • rhubarb. If fugitive.vim is the Git, rhubarb.vim is the Hub.
  • nvim-treesitter. The goal of nvim-treesitter is both to provide a simple and easy way to use the interface for tree-sitter in Neovim and to provide some basic functionality such as highlighting based on it
  • editorconfig. This is an EditorConfig plugin for Vim.
  • nvim-comment. Toggle comments in Neovim, using built in commentstring filetype option; written in Lua.
  • lspconfig. Configs for the Nvim LSP client.
  • lsp-installer. Neovim plugin that allow you to manage LSP servers.
  • lsp-signature. Show function signature when you type
  • lsp-ts-utils. Utilities to improve the TypeScript development experience for Neovim's built-in LSP client.
  • lsp-status. This is a Neovim plugin/library for generating statusline components from the built-in LSP client.
  • diagnostic-configs-nvim. An unofficial collection of different linter and formatter configurations for diagnostic-languageserver used for built-in nvim-lsp
  • nvim-cmp. A completion engine plugin for neovim written in Lua. Completion sources are installed from external repositories and "sourced".
  • glow. A markdown preview directly in your neovim.

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