Anton Shuvalov



Anton Shuvalov. Software engineer, technical manager, and project manager with more than 12 years of experience in IT.

  • Technical Skills: TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, NodeJS, React, Redux, MobX, NextJS, Express, Django, CI/CD, Docker, Ansible, Grafana, Prometheus, Kafka, ELK.
  • Management Skills: hiring, people management, project management, mentorship, technical management, system design.
  • Domains: fintech, ecomerce, crypto, startups.

Working Experience

Stashaway, Singapore (remote)

  • Time: [2022] 8m
  • Role: Tech Lead (financial products)

Winstrike, Cyprus (remote)

  • Time: [2019-2021] 2y 6m
  • Role: Tech Lead (cyber-sport tournaments platform)

Quoine, Vietnam

  • Time: [2018-2019] 1y
  • Role: Team Lead (trading UI)

Lazada (Alibaba Group), Russia / Vietnam

  • Time: [2015-2018] 4y
  • Role: Engineering Manager (webshop frontend)

Rambler, Russia

  • Time: [2014-2015] 1y 2m
  • Role: Lead Developer (CMS)

Enaza, Russia

  • Time: [2011 - 2014] 2y 6m
  • Role: Lead Developer (interactive books)
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